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(508) 866-3415 2 Meadowbrook Way, Carver, MA 02330 M 10-6 — T 10-8 — W 10-6 —Th/F 10-4 — S 10-2 — S Closed

A is for… Art

Get artsy on your visit by taking advantage of our coloring stations, chalkboard and crafts.

B is for… Books

Thousands of wonderful, incredible, accessible books to borrow!

C is for… Calendar

Chock-full of cool programs every month. From paint nights to journaling, Lego challenges, workshops and cultural celebrations, there is always something to do.


D is for… Dinosaurs

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

E is for… Events

Click on the Events link to see all the wonderful programs we offer!

F is for… Facebook

Check our Facebook page for special announcements and images of our calendars you can download right to your smartphone!


G is for… Games

We have a collection of board games, as well as puzzles, cards, dice, dominos and more.

H is for… Hoopla

Have you heard? With Hoopla you can instantly stream and download movies, music, comics, ebooks, audiobooks and more with your library card. No waiting, no returns, no kidding!

I is for… Interact

Greet old friends and neighbors, and make new ones by meeting at the library!

J is for… Jacuzzi

…or jokes! OK, we don’t have a Jacuzzi, but we do have joke books!

K is for… Kids

Kids rule, need we say more?

L is for… Legos

and Lincoln Logs, lots of stuff for building!


M is for… Movies

…and magazines and music and more; a myriad of marvelous materials.

N is for… No

With all this fun stuff to take care of, we do have a few simple rules to follow: No food, no drinks, no running, no screaming (unless we ask you to) and leave no trace (a.k.a. clean up your mess.) Thanks!

O is for… OverDrive

If you can’t make it to the library, enjoy access to materials from home with the OverDrive app. You can do download ebooks, listen to audiobooks and watch movies, all from the comfort of home or while on the go.


P is for… Puppets

Put on a play!

Q is for… Quiet?

Honestly, it isn’t always quiet in the Children’s area because we are often having fun, but if it’s busy when you visit and you need a quiet place to work, we have study rooms available.

R is for… Register

Some programs have age or participation limits, so make sure you register if you need to. We plan ahead to make sure we have enough materials and sometimes have waiting lists, so please call if you registered and can’t come!


S is for… Storytime

We have weekly Toddler and Preschool Storytime, as well as Pajama and special Storytimes throughout the month, so check the calendar and join us for stories, songs and activities.

T is for… Trains

Train tables are the crème de la crème for the toddler crowd, not to mention the Thomas books, magazines and movies.

U is for… Unlimited

The unique array of services and materials your library system provides! Did we even mention that we have discount and free passes to many area attractions and parks? There aren’t enough letters in the alphabet!

V is for… Visit

In addition to families, we also enjoy visits from preschools, daycares, YMCAs, scout troops, private and public schools. If you would like to schedule a visit, please contact the Children’s Librarian.

W is for… Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi for connecting all your devices and even mobile hotspots available for checkout!


X is for… X

X marks the spot where treasure is hid, and your library is it!

Y is for… YA

YA = Young Adult, and we have a great selection of books for middle and high school students to enjoy, including graphic novels.

Z is for… Zyzzyva

Zyzzyva are a type of weevils, a snouted beetle, and the last word in most English dictionaries. (See how smart you get by visiting the library?) Z is also for tired…. Zzzzzzz

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